Friday, 23 September 2011

Controversial Shoaib..

Well when I heard about “Controversially Yours” so the first thing came in my mind is that ‘Name’ of a book is perfect. No doubt to say that Shoaib Akhter was the finest and fastest bowler of the world of Cricket who famously known as ‘Rawalpindi Express’.

Rawalpindi Express changed his stations many times. By ball tampering or hit his teams mate with a heavy bat. But one thing I would like to say this express not only a cricketer but also he has a classical business mind as well. If we took a glance at his career we didn’t find any big achievement except SPEED. Speed remains the key to success for him, so he brilliantly used his speedy brain to write his Biography. With the very suitable name “Controversially Shoaib”

Shoaib wrote so much about some living Legend like Sachin Tendulker, Wasim Akram, Rahul dravid and why he wrote about them there is no need to exercise your mind...Thats the very old stragedy to publicize your work  by criticize or you can say “doosre pe keechar uchaalna”..I am a proud Pakistani and true lover of Cricket then I respect the Indian legend cricketer Sachin tendulaker as well..Indians told him “Bhagwan in Cricket” We all know his game. And in a game there is many situations so I really don’t like his word that “sachin is afraid of me” that’s a childish statement by a world class bowler...

Moreover, about Wasim Akram..I have a very humble question to shoaib..Does he really think that Pakistan cricket is in very good circumstances?????That’s not the time to write something like that “Wasim wanted to demolish my career”. we are already in crisis, International cricket is banned in Pakistan and mash Allah we have some Bad boys like Mohammad Amir,Salman butt and Muhammad Asif so we don’t need the new issue..

Shahrukh Khan is a superstar and a great human being. Whatever the problems. If u tired after 2 over in a full spell of just 4 over then what your expectation about next season..shoaib words about SRK is totally rubbish..

Well India is a very good choice to release his book..India is the 2nd biggest publishing country in the world after England..Pakistani is not a book lover ‘bitter truth’ but fact is fact. Indians read books and like controversial gossips which Shoaib did. So poor and old stragedy but Wish him Good luck ..aakhir dil hy Pakistani..

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